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Tough (t)issues in medical simulation

Flyer DSSH congres 2016

*Save the Date* 16 March 2016, Cultureel Centrum TU Delft, Mekelweg 10, Delft

Call for content

We would cordially like to invite you to make a contribution to the 8th DSSH congress,‘Though (t)issues in medical simulation’. This will not only give you the oppurtunity to present your work, as well as sharing your ideas with one another, but also to improve and expand your network (doctors, paramedics, engineers, psychologists, designers,  insurers and the industry).

The title could literally refer to the development of (virtual) material which can simulate the most important clinical characteristics of the human body as well as research concerning adherence. What is the importance of the resemblance with reality? And how will you figure out which aspects of a clinical situation are most important to simulate. Of course, all other "issues" regarding simulation and serious gaming in healthcare are very welcome. You can submit papers for the following categories; team training, simulation, games, management of care and e-health.

Submitting papers

We use three formats. Click on of the following formats to find guidelines concerning the application and how to submit your contribution

  1. Scientific research
  2. Practical oriented / innovative/ work in progress abstracts
  3. Workshops

Once selected, speakers are required to register according to the regulations and fees available on our website. Only then, it is possible to make a contribution.

The deadline for submission is 15 November 2015

The new deadline is 1 December 2015!


Participants which are selected to provide an oral presentation (scientific- as wel as practically oriented presentations) are competing to win the award for best oral presentation. Furthermore there is a runner-up award which will give you a free ticket for the next DSSH congress in 2017.


For international travelers, Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport are recommended.

  • From Airport Schiphol, one can take the train directly to Delft Central Station or Delft Zuid Station (See Dutch Railways for up to date travel information, or the travel itinerary information screens provided at Schiphol).
  • From Delft Central Station one can take the bus nr 40 to ‘Rotterdam Central’ or bus 69 to ‘Technopolis via TU’, and get off at bus stop ‘TU – Sport en Cultuur’.
  • From Delft Zuid station it is a 10 minute walk .
  • From Rotterdam The Hague Airport one can take bus 40 to ‘Delft Central’ get off at bus stop ‘TU – Sport en Cultuur’

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