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Committee on Serious Gaming


Goal and commission members

The DSSH commission on Serious Gaming consists of medical, educational and game professionals who safeguard and coordinate initiatives and activities regarding games for health. Our goal is to promote collaboration between game developers, designers, educational experts, paramedical and healthcare professionals, in order to stimulate the use of games for patient care and training. Games approved by the commission are awarded with the  ‘Quality Label Serious Games’, to support the implementation and adaptation of games within healthcare .


Evaluation Framework

We guarantee independent testing of all games submitted for review to the commission. With the aim to adequately endorse games that contribute to better healthcare and better training of healthcare professionals. It is also important that by evaluating serious games, game designers can more easily adjust their games to the strict regulations that apply within the healthcare system. For this purpose, the commission uses an online, transparent evaluation framework. If you want to know more about the evaluation framework, you can visit the Evaluationframework.

Have you developed a game and are you interested in getting the Quality Label ? To submit your game for review, please visit the page register.

This initiative has been made possible through a collaboration between
CBusinez, Partners in Health Innovatie en Bureau Kennistransfer UvA-AMC.

Currently the Serious Gaming commission consists of the following DSSH members:

Dr. Mary Dankbaar (chair), Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Dr. Agali Mert, Mert Medical

Rudolf J.B. Buirma, MA, Dandy Banterer

Drs. Riette Meijer, Academisch Medisch Centrum

Bart Doyen, MSc, Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent & University of Gent

Dr. Tanja Nijboer, UMC Utrecht Brain Centre & University of Utrecht

Dr. Micah Hrehovcsik, HKU University of the Arts, Game Architect Studio

Prof. Dr. Marlies Schijven, Academisch Medisch Centrum (advisor to the commission)


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