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Committee on Scientific Research


DSSH Committee on Scientific Research

The DSSH Committee on Scientific Research aims to bring people from various disciplines together (such as the medical, technical, educational and behavioural sciences) that deal with research in the field of simulation and ‘gaming’ within the healthcare domain and to inform them about the state of affairs and new developments.

From 2015, the Committee on Scientific Research has gotten a more prominent role in the scientific section of the DSSH congress. Our first focus is to accommodate the submission of scientific abstracts, interesting developments and workshops in an easy manner and facilitate a transparent review process. The abstracts will be published on the DSSH website, which will form the basis of an organic grow of a complete overview of all scientific research that is performed in The Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, we will discuss a recent publication every month.

Currently, the committee comprises the following people:

Drs. Marinka Hol,  AUMC, location AMC, Amsterdam

Drs. Lex van Loon, UniversityTwente / RadboudUMC

Drs. Heidi Maertens, Ghent University Hospital

Drs. Sem Hardon, AUMC, location VUMC, Amsterdam

Prof. dr. Fons Balm, head- and neck surgeon at the AvL and chair of the Virtual Therapy Group at the AvL

Committee on Scientific Research

Committee on Scientific Research: To promote and facilitate the scientific character of the activities within DSSH and to promote and facilitate scientific activities and collaboration between various professionals and professions involved medical simulation in its broadest sense. To provide appropriate scientific input for and content to the yearly DSSH Congress.

Drs. Marinka Hol; email: m.l.hol@amc.uva.nl


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