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Submission work in progress

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Abstracts of practical developments which fit in within the field of this years’ theme or which might be interesting for visitors of the DSSH congress, should include a maximum of 300 words en should contain the following format:

We like to initiate to use the Template_Abstract_Ontwikkeling. It is allowed to use tables or figures. Accepted file types include MS Word or PDF. An example of a workshop can be found here Example_Abstract_Ontwikkeling.

The abstracts should be submitted to secretariaat@dssh.nl subject title: Abstract 2016 development

All ‘work in progress’ abstracts will be evaluated by the selection committee to determine whether the contribution will be held in the form of an oral presentation or a poster presentation. All applicants will receive feedback and will be asked to make adjustments based on the feedback. The abstracts will be announced in the conference program book and on the website DSSH. Applicants who are selected for an oral presentation are asked to send in a CV of a maximum of 200 words, including a photograph .


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