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Simulator for NOTES training

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A test setup has been created to measure the motions of the hands and fingers in real-time. Making use of a Kinect camera and NimbleVR software, combined with a sensor glove, the system is able to estimate hand positions, orientations, and finger joint angles reliably and with a high precision. This system is currently implemented as a design tool for the development of highly manoeuvrable complex steerable instrumentation intended for Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES). Current instruments (read: prototypes) being developed for NOTES have a lot of integrated joints, making their control challenging and unintuitive for the surgeon. By virtually prototyping NOTES instrument in a live 3D environment, and subsequently coupling their movements to tracked hand and finger motions, allows for the investigation into possible control strategies. Any finger or hand movement can be coupled to any type of instrument movement. As such, by playing around with the large list of possibilities, movement control strategies can be tested for any designed instrument before moving on to the time- and cost intensive prototyping stage.


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