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Becoming a DSSH member

The DSSH (Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare) is a fast-evolving Society, in which professionals focusing on the promotion and development of Simulation and ‘Serious Gaming’ for the benefit of patient safety in Healthcare the Netherlands and Belgium are represented. The DSSH has Members troughout diverse Universal Medical Centers; (non-) academic (teaching) hospitals; Technical Universities; Faculties of Dental Health and Vetenary Medicine and Academies for Nursing, Obstetric Care, Physiotherapy and ICT & Game Design.

Thus, the DSSH has an important Networking function that is not being covered by any other platform.

The Society’s strength is in facilitating, coordinating and promoting initiatives between providers of care and developers of simulation and serious gaming innovations. The Society focuses strongly on the optimal integration of simulation scenario’s with the diverse health care professionals, on skillslab development, on team-training using simulation and on Serious Gaming in Healthcare; and acts a platform for solving issues and questions related to this area.

The Membership of the DSSH has many advantages! By becoming a member you are optimally informed about the latest developments in the area of Simulation and ‘Serious Gaming’ in Healthcare in the Netherlands, Belgium and far beyond. Ofcourse through our regular website updates, but also on-the-fly via social networks such as the DSSH LinkedIN community, Twitter and your personalized DSSH Member Newsletter (in Dutch). Also, you are in contact with an unique blend of professionals involged in the area of Simulation and Serious Gaming. The yearly DSSH congress is an unique opportunity to network and share thoughts and initiatives. DSSH Members profit from a substantial discount to the registration fee for the Congress.

So stay you are on top of your game and become a DSSH member! Even more so, next to the standard DSSH Membership, the DSSH offers you two very high-value Combination Memberships with one, or even both of our affiliated Societies.

The Combination Membership with NVMO (Dutch Society for Medical Education, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medisch Onderwijs) includes a subscription to the ‘Tijdschrift voor Medisch Onderwijs’ (6 x per year); a discount to the NVMO Congress, and information directly from the NVMO with access to their various NVMO Task Forces.

The Combination Membership with SSiH (Society for SImulation in Healthcare) includes an online subscription to the Societies own, official SSiH/DSSH Journal ‘Simulation in Healthcare (6x per year; accepted in Index Medicus/Medline and Science Citation Index); a discount to the SSiH Congress and information directly from the SSiH with access to Member-only sections of their website. Also, you have access to, and may be active in, one of the many and diverse SSiH Task Forces. SSiH is the largest, international Society for Simulation in Healthcare and counts over 2000 Members to date.

Student Membership: The DSSH values the development and input of students in the area of innovations and developments in Simulation and Serious Gaming in Healthcare. The DSSHoffers special, highly discounted Memberships to students. This applies to students from all recognized study embodiments. Also, the DSSH offers a reduced DSSH-NVMO Combination Membership. In order to apply for these discounted Memberships, students must send a copy of the student card (or other proof of being a student) to our Secretariat via secretariaat[at]dssh.nl

Join now and enjoy the benefits! Please register here !


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