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Apply for the Quality Label for Validated Games now!

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We are happy to announce that  the Quality Label for Validated Games in Healthcare (QLVGH) is officially launced. For games training patients and/or practitioners it is very important that your game indeed 'does the trick'.; and may be trusted upon legitimately.

Interested in obtaining the Label for your Serious Game ? You may apply here to access the online questionnaire for accreditation, providing the DSSH with the necessary information about your serious game for review.  Also a great way to check your rationale behind the development, we strongly recoomend to use this list early on in the development of your game.

The information will be reviewed anonimously by the Committee for Serious Games of the Dutch Society of Simulation in Healthcare. We follow strict guidelines regarding your privacy. The provided information will not be published or disclosed to any other person or institution outside the Committee.

The first Quality Labels will be handed out during the annual conference of the Dutch Society of Simulation in Healthcare, March 19th, 2014!

We hope your game will be among those. If you would like your game to be amongst those, please submit your forms NO LATER THAN February 28.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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