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Advocating for Healthcare Simulation

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Advocating for Healthcare Simulation

Healthcare simulation is a specialty devoted to improving patient care. Many professionals, from many disciplines, contribute to the field every day. However, some of our leaders and colleagues in our communities and nations have little understanding about healthcare simulation. Many leaders ask for a return on investment for simulation and still others believe that simulation is too expensive for mass appeal. One thing we all can do together is to try to make more people outside of our simulation circle aware of what simulation is and celebrate all of our achievements in this wonderful field. This means stepping outside our doors and being an advocate for the idea that simulation is as important to patient care as medicines and surgeries.

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare is asking all of its affiliates to help advocate for healthcare simulation through participation in the global Healthcare Simulation Week – September 17-21, 2018. The Society has made available to you a suite of information, press releases, pamphlets and graphics designed for you to use to advocate for simulation in your workplace, in your community and in your nation. You can sponsor tours of your program for your community and its leaders; send out press releases and photos to local newspapers and on social media; testify before your legislature or get a resolution passed by your local, state and national governments.

I urge you to translate this announcement if appropriate and send this message to all your members. Helpful information is at:  http://www.ssih.org/Events/Healthcare-Simulation-Week-2018  . You can download our Media Toolkit and send photos of your efforts to your social media pages. Be a loud voice and help all simulation professionals to champion healthcare simulation through advocacy!


Joseph Lopreiato

President, Society for Simulation in Healthcare


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