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PhD-thesis Grant


You may apply for a DSSH PhD-thesis Grant if you will defend your thesis on short notice.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be a DSSH member and should have been a member of the association for a minimum of one year.

The subject of the applicants PhD-thesis must have a clear relation to, or relationship with, the goal of the DSSH:

To promote the development and implementation of Simulation and Serious Gaming for patient safety, education, training, scientific research and quality management in healthcare. The board of the DSSH assesses whether your PhD-thesis is eligible; and will determines the amount of the contribution. The amount of the contribution is maximized at € 250.-

Applicants must submit the table of contents and publication list of the articles  secretariaat@dssh.nl. Be sure to mark you application with your DSSH membership number.

If you are rewarded with the DSSH PhD-thesis Grant, the cover of your PhD-thesis together with a summary of your thesis will be published on the website of the DSSH.


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