The Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare is a non-profit Society. The ultimate goal of our Society is to promote and facilitate the development and implementation of simulation and ‘Serious Gaming’ in healthcare. This, in order to heighten standards of education, training, scientific research and ultemately, patient safety.

Would you be interested in contributing to our cause? You can help our Society tremendously by donating!.

Because we will probably all be a patient -someday.

You may donate anonymous, but if you prefer, your generous donation will be mentioned when the fund candidate(s) are selected and the fund is presented. If you wish to be known as Donor, please indicate so by sending an email with your (companies) name, date and height of donation to info[at]dssh.nl


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15 maart 2023
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9 September 2022
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21 april 2021
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21 april 2021
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9 November 2019
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18 March 2020
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