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What is ‘Simulation’?  According to WikiPedia simulation is merely the imitation of some real thing, state of affairs, or process. According to the Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare (DSSH) one may define ‘Simulation in Healthcare’ as a setting of dynamic and tailored strategies allowing health professionals to grow and develop into bétter professionals, without patients being at risk.

Hospitals will choose strategically in terms of training their health care professionals efficiently. Simulation training for medical professionals using (virtual reality) simulation and ‘Serious Gaming’ saves time, shortens learning curves and ultimately, saves patients. There are simulation modules and settings for just about every health care professional available. In the near future, expansion and maturation of a variety of applications and (team-training) simulation settings is to be expected, as technology develops rapidly and public interest alike.

Stay on top of developments in the area of Simulation and Serious Gaming in Healthcare! The Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare is proud to announce its yearly Congress, to be held from 17-18 March 2011. The Congress will be held in parallel to the VNU Medical Exhibitons ‘Care and ICT’ en ‘Care in Total’ at the joined Congress Venue ‘Jaarbeurs’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Last year, over 6000 visitors have visited the Exhibitions.

Read more: http://www.dssh.nl DSSH Congress 2011 – DSSH Congress – DSSH http://www.dssh.nl/en/dssh-congress/dssh-congress-2011#ixzz3cahEg28U
Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare

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