Submission Scientific Research

19 August 2015 - Scientific research applications should include a maximum of 300 words en should contain the following format: Title Name and affiliation speaker and co-authors Introduction Methods Results Conclusion/discussion We like to initiate to use the Template_Abstract_Wetenschap....

Submission work in progress

16 August 2015 - Abstracts of practical developments which fit in within the field of this years’ theme or which might be interesting for visitors of the DSSH congress, should include a maximum of 300...

DSSH congress 7 frontpage

9 December 2014 - DSSH congress 7 Medical Simulation: Chain Reaction towards Patient Safety -> Deadline extended to December first! <- Healthcare is a multidisciplinary effort, with different groups of practitioners adopting their own...

DSSH Congress

12th DSSH congress
March 18th 2020, Maastricht UMC+


9 November 2019
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18 March 2020
DSSH congress