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Feedback for simulation-based procedural skills training: a meta-analysis and critical narrative synthesis

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-03 om 21.20.40

Feedback is one of the central components of a learning process while executing critical tasks in effective simulation training, for novices as well as experts. However, little is known about a) how effective is feedback while performing procedural medical task and b) how does feedback work and which mechanisms enhances learning outcomes. This study of Hatala and colleagues answers these questions with a quantitative meta-analysis as well as a narrative synthesis (by which the results is in conjunction with and can be explained by learning theories). This makes this review powerful.

Conclusion: feedback is effective for procedural skills. For novice trainees feedback at the end of a learning task and with less frequency works better than providing feedback during the task. The 'Guidance Theory' offers a good explanation about how feedback works. 

Mary Dankbaar, Erasmus MC


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